seeing beyond what's immediately visible


I like your "teaching stick" name. It works better than my "shadow stick" name, especially when we're introducing it to people. I'm glad you still remember our phone conversation about it. Since then, I've been pondering the wisdom of the Boone sisters. This is helping me see the value of the shadow stick in new ways. Because its shadow changes with the cycle of the day and of the seasons, it's tracking the cycle of light and life that nature lives by. While this cycle is not perceptible at any one moment, we can make it perceptible by tracking it over time with the shadow stick. When, as you suggested, we bring time-lapse photography and video to the shadow stick, we make nature's cycle of light and life much more palpable - and much more usable as a teaching tool. We also have the beginnings of a Maui-based Google Earth layer!

This is making me think back on our Oct. 26 meeting.