Your Earth Suit is unique.
Yet it shares many fundamental features
with all other human Earth Suits.

One of these features is your ability to heal.
This ability is deeply, subconsciously
rooted in your pre-human past.

Long before cells organized into complex organisms
like fungi, plants, animals and humans,
they learned to repair damage
by reproducing asexually.

Since your healing ability is so deeply rooted,
you always heal from the inside out,

as is happening here.



Thanks to our pre-human ancestry,
your Earth Suit is equipped with primal connectivity
that you may or may not have turned on...

While only one woman sprouted you inside her,
your other mothers made this possible.

Give yourself a moment to touch your belly button.
Feel the you-end of the long stem that was your lifeline
while your Earth Suit was ripening inside your mom.

This stem also connected you
to your other mothers...

You can find your other mothers by following the stem of life
back to when all of our planet's life was in the ocean.

Back in those days nobody had genitals
and nobody had wombs because they weren’t needed.
Life was nurtured in the womb of the sea,
where it soaked up nutritious fluids,
 while being rocked by the rhythm of the tides.

We wouldn’t have tides if we didn’t have a moon.

As our moon orbits us, her gravity tugs at us,
and our waters respond
by moving in a flow that we call tides.

Since our moon is always going around us,
she rises 50 minutes later each day,
making high tide 50 minutes later each day.

With the full moon, the high tides are extra-high.

Sex among coral happens five days after
certain full moons in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
This is when the difference between low and high tides
is minimal, so water flow is also minimal.

Eggs and sperms are released into the sea,
where they mix and mate, without danger of being
tossed around and separated by water currents.

Sex among Hawaiian coral is also well timed.
Sponges, brittle stars, and marine worms
often spawn simultaneously.

Tiny fish gather around to eat the spawn.
This attracts larger fish to dine on the little fish,
until a whole food chain is joining in.

All this breeding and feeding depends on
where our moon is in her moonthly orbit around us.

Female fish also release their eggs into the sea,
where males find and fertilize them.

Like all of our ocean’s original inhabitants,
fish have no genitals because they need no genitals.

What they do have is a cosmic mating service:
the cycling of our moon around us.

Thanks to our oceanic origins,
the moon is still helping us with romance.

So... how come your Earth Suit has genitals?

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