You’re using the rods & cones in your eyes
to look at this photo of

r&c r&c lavendr.jpg

the rods & cones in your eyes.


They’re your light receptors
and they were created 3.5 billion years ago by

cyanobacteria living in our oceans.

These “blue-green algae” were among the first to
transform our Sun’s light into our Earth’s life.




Look at the bones in the back of your hand
and you’ll recognize fish fins that
lengthened into fin-gers,

as our ancient ocean ancestors found themselves
on land, needing to grab things in order to move around.



If you want to be a passenger on the third planet
out from a star called the Sun,
you need to zip yourself into an Earth Suit.




Our human Earth Suits are the living legacy
of the cooperations and competitions
among many different kinds of microscopic beings.

We could say that our Earth Suits are
mobile homes created by and for microbes.



You’re pondering this with the help of
your brain and nervous system,
whose ancient ancestors are root systems.



Your plant ancestry endows you with receptors
for cannabinoids, estrogen, testosterone
and many other plant substances.


Whether your Earth Suit is male or female,
your genitals and your sex hormones began in plants.
Sperm began as plant pollen, and eggs began as plant ova.



Your brain is being oxygenated with
the help of lungs whose ancestors are plants.



What you’re breathing in
is what
the green world has breathed out.

Thanks to this, your breath has a power
that's greater than mere inhalations and exhalations.

Your access to this greatness is your awareness
that you aren’t the one
who’s making your breathing happen.



Your Earth Suit, optimized by 3.5 billion years of
natural selection, is made exclusively of recycled material.

along with every other element in your Earth Suit,
except the hydrogen, was originally created by stars.

Hydrogen was created with the “Big Bang”
but nobody knows where it’s from.

So, you’re ON Earth, but you’re not OF it.




Inhabiting a human Earth Suit
can be quite a challenge
because of its many software issues.

The majority of these issues are rooted in
the chasm of incompatibility
between hardware and software -
between the Earth Suit's primal ancestry
and its industrial social programming.

Your Earth Suit enjoys much more
than can be accounted for by
the kind of science that serves industry.

Fortunately, anything that can be programmed
can also be re-programmed.


Now that we’ve taken a peek into your past,
let’s take a peek into your future...

On your next birthday you’ll be completing
a 600-million-mile orbit around our Sun.

This deserves to be celebrated
because your birthday is...

1. the completion of one journey
and the start of another

2. the place in our orbit that you
return to each year - your home port in
the cosmic journey we call life

 3. the place in our orbit where you
became a passenger on this planet

4. the place in our orbit where
your Earth Suit began functioning
independently of your mom’s.


When you realize you can measure your age in miles
you see that you’re not just getting older;
you’re also becoming a more experienced traveler!

Years don’t come and go;
we orbit through them.


We’re not victims of time;
we’re passengers on a planet!


This brings up an interesting question...

Would you want to go on
a life-long journey with no map?

You don't have to...

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Would you want to operate an Earth Suit
without an operating manual?
You don’t have to...

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