Sea levels dropped, and we found ourselves on land,
where we had to do some serious improvising.

We sprouted the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders,
necks and legs that we’re still using today.
We also morphed our gills into ears
and learned how to breathe in a new way.


Why we didn’t we die from dehydration?
How did we learn to make babies with no tidal currents
to bring our sperms and our eggs together?

We drew on our DNA - life’s data bank of successes -
and improvised ways to carry the sea inside us.

So, your Earth Suit has a saltiness that you can taste
in your blood, in your sweat and in your tears -
the saltiness of the sea that’s inside us.
These, as well as other body fluids, have a salinity,
mineral content, and acid-alkaline ratio like the ocean’s.

Even though we also improvised genitals,
our sperms & eggs are still meeting/mating in water

and woman’s fertility cycle is still synchronized
with the movement of the moon.



Your Earth Suit began as a single cell
- a zygote -
created by the meeting/mating of sperm and egg.

Back then you had no eyes, ears, nose, tongue or hands,
but you did have a native intelligence
- a sense of timing - that guided you in becoming
two cells, four cells, and then many, many more cells.

(This primal intelligence is still available to guide you.
However, it may be temporarily silenced
by the social programming of Homo industrialis.)

After nine months, your Earth Suit was ripe and ready to
navigate the canal from your mom’s inner ocean to dry land.

As you took in your first gasp of air, your Earth Suit
began switching over from
the aquatic system to the land-based system
and you started operating your Earth Suit
independently of your mom’s.


[Pardon us while the rest of this is under construction.]