To inhabit a human Earth Suit is
to struggle with opening an invisible gift.

The gift is invisible because
it's been paved over by Homo industrialis
during the centuries that he's been
commodifying nature for his own personal profit.

Recently the pavement has been cracking.

As we're peering into these cracks, we're being
amazed, inspired and empowered.

In spite of the pavement,
the gift has continued to give - and evolve -
for the past 3.5 billion of our orbits around the Sun.

... backstory ...


When Spaceship Earth had orbited the Sun
about a billion times, she began making more of herself.

But she didn’t make more of her rocks.
And she didn't make more of her oceans.

She made more of what we call blue-green algae.
This was the first ever to photosynthesize,
the first ever to make light into life.

By deepening her relationship with the light
in this highly productive way,
Spaceship Earth re-invented herself as Mother Earth.


3.5 billion orbits later, you're inhaling what plants exhale.
But you don't need to make your lungs do this
your breath is the gift of our Mother Earth.


To open this gift without damaging it
(to operate your Earth Suit without undue struggle)
it helps to remember that 2.3 billion orbits ago
life on this planet teetered on the brink of extinction
because of the exhaust from
burgeoning populations of blue-green algae.

As these plants photosynthesize,
they emit oxygen exhaust.

Since early Earth couldn’t absorb
all this oxygen, it was toxic.

This pollution built up in the ocean, on the land
and in the air, causing many species to go extinct.

Eventually, pollution levels got so high
that even blue-green algae was threatened.

Just in the nick of time, life improvised a solution.
A new creature mutated into existence,
as it improvised a way to convert pollution into fuel.

This recycler used the oxygen for its own metabolism.
Now it grew faster and bred faster because
it was actually living faster.

Today you and I breathe in the oxygen exhaust from plants
- and depend on it for our survival! -
because we are the descendants of this innovative recycler
who who mutated into existence 2.3 billion orbits ago.


As Homo industrialis pollutes and heats up the only planet
in the known universe that supports human Earth Suits,
we do ourselves a favor by remembering that
our genome endows us with the ability
to transform pollution into fuel for our evolution.

This genomic intelligence is breathing you now.
The more you observe this, the more you access its power.


[Thank you for your patience

while the rest of this is under construction.]